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Double mistress session with Mistress Yaya


90 minutes~    -    ¥40,000~

Extention 30m   -   ¥12,000

custom-made session

We will arrange just for you. Please let me know what you would like to do, how long and where you would like to have a session.

Mistress Yaya is one of my best friends from Kyoto. Her eyes are deep like an ocean, her mind is quiet as a forest Her creativity is always fresh and her skill is developing day by day.  Her conversation is fun, cheerful and makes you want to be with her forever.

I can offer a double session with mistress Yaya in Tokyo, Kyoto, other cities in Japan, even in the world.

If her perfect restraint and rope bondage meet my variety of teasing technic, that would be perfect.

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