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Double mistress session with Mistress Reiko


Double Mistress

60m​        -      ¥40,000

90m​       -     ¥52,000

120m​       -      ¥65,000

3hrs​       -      ¥100,000

5hrs​       -      ¥160,000

8hrs​       -      

Extention 30m   - ¥16,000

*Please contact us for changes to Standard session or Special session.

Mistress Reiko is an experienced mistress who has many DVD appearances, beautiful looks, and impressive tattoos.

We used to join the same BDSM club so, I have a lot of experience in session with her, we know we have good chemistry. I'm sure this will be a memorable session for you.

The session contents are Reiko's basic session and my "basic" session. Please ask about booking to only one of us. If you would like optional play, you can add it.

(About Mistress Reiko's optional play, please refer to BDSM Club "Mantis" .)
We offer free admission fee for "BDSM club Mantis" 

Transportation fee: Shinjuku Kabukicho¥2000
Transportation fee: Roppongi Alpha-in,Kinshicho, Ikebukuro and other areas or your hotel ¥5000~

Option for Double session with Mistress Reiko
Rammy's contents of session change to ”Standard” - ¥5000 
Rammy's  contents of session change to ”Special”- ¥15000 

Reiko's  contents of session change to ”Special”- ¥25000 

Pussy worship to Mistress Reiko-¥10000

Ass worship to Mistress Reiko-¥5000

Scat from Mistress Reiko-¥10000

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